Scribespad is a free online writing and reading community with an avenue for networking. Members can post stories and articles to the various groups in the community, comment on, like and share other stories they love and find interesting. Members can also create and start discussions on group related topics and engage other members in open and progressive discussions.                                              

It aims to help new and old authors of any age connect with a community of writers and readers, and offers good opportunities for networking.

In THE LOUNGE, members can meet and network with other members. They can also post their personal pictures in their profile pages in 'the lounge' and tell the stories behind them. It is encouraged that members should always accompany any picture they share as updates in their profile pages, whether personal or non-personal with a story or an article.

We encourage members to share their fiction or nonfiction stories. You do not have to be a professional or published writer to be a member of Scribespad. We welcome everyone - aspiring writers, beginners, amateurs and professionals. It is open to authors of all skill levels and genres - just find the group or groups you fit into and Join!

Our vision is to be a globally recognized online writing community with a stronghold of uniquely registered writers and readers who are passionate with what they do.

Scribespad, a platform that encourages writing and reading is committed to assisting Writers; undiscovered and published share their stories to the world while they build for themselves a fan base.

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