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Group Title: DIARIES
Group Description: Keep a diary with us for free. In the diaries segment, you can post your daily/weekly/monthly activities and routines. Give the reader a glimpse of what your everyday life is all about. You can share your personal confessions in this segment for favourite readers to see. Perhaps, you may have an addiction, spill it; your readers want to know!
Note that this section is not limited to confessions only so you are free to post anything you think a diary can accommodate, your readers are waiting!
You can post here which is general or request to have your personal online diary where only you will have posting (authorship) rights. Other members will only be able to read and comment, like or share. It can be hourly, daily, weekly or anyhow you want it. To get started, send a request to us at info@scribespad.com. Otherwise, just post your contents here.