Frequently Asked Questions

Scribespad free online writing community was designed to meet the yearnings of writers who are in need of a good platform to promote their great writing skills and readers who love to read. It is a community that encourages networking among writers and readers. The site is user friendly. To understand better, here are some general feedback questions we have compiled together and provided answers to for everyone’s convenience.

  • Understanding Scribespad, what should I know?

    Scribespad is a free online writing community. On Scribespad, it is all about reading, writing and networking. It is open and free for everyone.

  • Why should I choose Scribespad?

    Scribespad is a great platform for writers and readers. Scribespad allows you to create your own ‘world’ on the site.

    Write and share stories to a growing audience of readers; join discussions in various groups on Scribespad to make new friends and acquaintances online. Also on Scribespad, you can generate free traffic and valuable backlinks to your homepage by including links to your website or blog in your posts, that is, you can promote your own personal writing website or blog by adding your links in all your posts.

  • How can I Register on Scribespad?

    Registering on Scribespad is free and easy to sign up. On the homepage, fill out your details in the Sign up/Login box or simply click on the Sign up/Login icon in the Menu and follow the instructions in the page.

  • Does it cost anything to register on Scribespad?

    No, it does not cost anything to register and become active on Scribespad.

  • How can I become a better writer on Scribespad?

    You can become a better writer on Scribespad by sharing your stories and inviting other writers to read, critique and rate your stories and also point out your errors. You can also create discussions on your 'weak points in writing' in the discussion boards where other members can see and give you points on becoming a better writer.

  • What are the benefits of being a member of Scribespad free online writing community?

    The benefits of being a member of Scribespad are numerous. They include amongst others:

    • Create or tell and Share your stories free of charge.
    • Discover new and great stories.
    • Create and start discussions on any topic you like.
    • Connect to other members.
    • Have fun earning the highest points!
    • Socialize with readers and writers, meet and make new friends!
    • Build your fan base as a writer.
    • You can have your own online journal.
    • You can keep a diary (your page; for you and your fans).
    • Write letters, to anyone, someone will see it!
    • You can have your own special segment for your stories (different from a diary or journal) where only you can post stories to and others can only like, comment or share. Call it your blog!

  • What are the various things I can do on Scribespad?

    On Scribespad, you can read, write and network with other members.

  • How do I join groups on Scribespad?

    To join a group on Scribespad, simply scroll down to the group you wish to join on the homepage and click on ‘JOIN GROUP’.
    You can join all the groups on Scribespad if you wish but if you only want to concentrate on the group you wish to be posting your stories to, you do not have to join all the groups. However, joining all groups will make you participate more actively on the site.

  • Can I have my own special page (which is a featured group) on Scribespad where only I can post stories to and still join the open groups?

    Yes you can! But bear in mind that only popular blog writers from other sites can have special pages created for them, if they wish and request for it. This is because they already have contents that they can share in their pages. Schools/Institutions can also have their own departmental pages (featured groups) if they request for it.
    If any other member wishes to have a special page dedicated to him/her on the site, the member must have shared a lot of stories on the site and be known/popular i.e., the member must have a good following.
    All these featured groups are mini blogs and they are also closed groups.

  • What if I do not join any group on Scribespad after registering on the site?

    If you do not join any group after registering on the site, you won’t be able to participate actively in any of the groups. Although you would be able to read updates, you won’t be able to write and share stories or create discussions.
    Not joining any groups will not affect your chances of meeting new friends as you can always add up new people/follow them and socialize with them in Scribespad’s ‘The Lounge’.

  • I am not a Writer; can I join Scribespad nonetheless?

    Oh very well, Yes. Scribespad is open to writers and readers with an avenue for networking. If you are not keen on writing stories, you can always read stories and network with other members in the Scribespad community. Also, you can create and start group related discussions and have other members participate in them.

  • Can I share stories of non-members on the site with their approval?

    Yes you can, with their permission. Please read our terms and conditions. Always give credits for works that are not yours.

  • How do I earn points on Scribespad and what is the relevance of earning points on the site?

    You can earn points on Scribespad by participating actively on the site.  Everything you do on Scribespad earns you points. Registering on the site, sharing a story, joining a group, following a member, creating a discussion etc. are some of the activities that can earn you points. Earning points on the site is a form of encouraging writers and other members to participate more on the site. You should always strive to be on top of the leaderboard to increase the chances of your stories getting more reads.

  • What is the Lounge meant for on Scribespad?

    The Lounge on Scribespad is a platform where writers and readers socialize and network.  In ‘The Lounge’, you can meet new friends and add them up. It gives you the opportunity to connect to other members easily. Also in the lounge, you can tell your picture stories through updates in your profile.

  • How can I invite my friends who are non-members to register on the site?

    Go to ‘The Lounge’, there is an ‘Invite friends’ icon in the dashboard menu at the top of the page which you can click on to invite friends.
    Note that you must be logged in to see the dashboard menu.
    To see your profile page, click on ‘my profile’ in the dashboard menu.

  • Does Scribespad claim ownership to all the stories written by members?

    The answer is absolutely NOT. Please see our Copyright Notice.

  • Can I leave a group I am no longer interested in?

    Yes, you can. However, note that leaving a group will automatically remove all your stories and discussions from that group and you will also lose some points. If you join the group again, you will need to post all the stories you posted before again.