• This beautiful Story is told through the eyes of a Visual Artist who uses only images to tell the Story of four friends who are Fishermen.
    The Story can easily be understood even by a little Child.

    The four friends were out on the Sea to fish on a faithful day but fortune seemed to be far from them as their net caught no fish. Tired and distraught, they hoped and kept on trying when they sighted a young beautiful Woman all alone floating on the waters. They rescued her, took her home and fed her. She enjoyed their company and when the night fell, she transformed into a Mystical being while they slept. Upon waking, they found a chest of expensive jelweries and ornaments at thier base which the Mermaid had left for them. While wondering how the chest came about, she reveals herself fron the waters and waved at them then swims back into the Sea, which is originally her Home.

    This seems interesting right? We can learn a lesson or two from the Story. It ended well right? This is just Part 1 of the Story. There is more, there are good and bad lessons to be learnt from the Story.

    Part 1 teaches Kindness, Humanity, Love, Appreciation etc.

    Part 2 takes us on a surprising twist as the Visual Artist tells the Story from another dimension.