Welcome to Scribespad Fiction segment. The purpose of this segment is to help a writer expose his/her creative writing skills and make the avid reader thrilled. Explore your imaginations and share the best, Everyday! Build for yourself a fan base of avid readers who would keep coming back for more, write stories that keep readers on their toes always. Let your readers be your priority, dish out the best to them always. This segment comprises of a lot of sub segments which include Novel, Short story, romance, Suspense/Thriller, Adventure, Crimes/detective, Satire/Humor, Fantasy, Fairytale, Science fiction, Horror and Fan fiction. Create and share your well written, fascinating story to the delight of Scribespad readers. Invite your friends in ‘The Lounge’ to read your story and share. Also use the social share tool to share with friends on popular social media. Remember to keep a reader glued! If you would like to have your own personal Segment, email us at info@scribespad.com. “Albeit posting to the site is free, Scribespad reserves the right to remove/delete any material not appropriate or deemed fit for the general public. *Note that Explicit or Adult stories do not conform to our policy and so Stories that embodies such should not be posted to this site”.

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